How to / Troubleshoot

How to install mobile presets:

Steps to Install:

Step one: Click the download button after checkout or the link in your email, best to open the link in Safari or your preferred web browser.

Step two: Click the arrow in the top right, click on the file after it finishes downloading. Click the "zip" file

Step three: In the lightroom mobile app, click the import/add to the photos button. Click "from files"

Step four: Select all of the files in the folder we just created and lick "open"

Step five: The presets are embedded into the images, so now open the image in Lightroom and in the top right click the dropdown and click save preset.

Step six: Click select then all, Save each preset as the name on the photo. and add it to a new group to keep everything organized.

Step seven: To apply to your photos. Open the photo you would like to edit in lightroom. On the bottom where the editing tools are slide to the far right and click the presets button from there click on the preset, you would like to apply

**When saving the Cool It Down or Warm It Up Presets, make sure to follow these steps as in the video:
1) Click "select" and then "select none"
2) Click the arrow next to the "Color" Tab to expand the additional options
3) Select "White Balance" Only
4) Click the arrow in the top left to go back
5) Finish Naming and create the preset

*If not done correctly it will not work as solely a quick temperature adjustment tool* 



If you are having trouble with the presets, please try the following first:

- Presets aren't downloading

A: It is a large zip file, and depending on your internet speeds, can take some time. Try connecting to wifi first, and then try to re-download


- I can't unzip the folder/files on my phone

A: If the zip folder is not opening on your phone, please make sure you are following the same steps as me in the video above. If the issue persists, try to use an unzip app on your phone, or try on your computer


If you are still having issues, shoot me an email @

or shoot me a message on Instagram